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To achieve the quality, product range, scale and innovation that secures loyal business with direct buyers; and to operate with strict adherence to the legal, environmental, & social standards of the industry.  Particular emphasis is given to Fair Trade standards of production and community developmenT.

Our Procedure

The roses in Panda flowers ltd are grown in steel green house which are specifically designed to match with the climate in Naivasha.At an altitude of 1980m above sea level, the weather conditions inside the greenhouse are of paramount importance for quality Roses. All our 40Ha Roses are on natural soil. The irrigation water is supplemented with rain water to achieve optimal EC/PH.The rain water is harvested in our huge dam with capacity 38 m3

Harvesting is done twice a day i.e. in the morning and in the evening to avoid doing harvesting when it is hot. After harvesting, the flowers are taken into the precooling cold room to allow for hydration. Each harvested bucket contains a traceability sticker with information on house number, harvester code and time. After the flower are properly hydrated i.e. after 3-4 hours, they are taken out to the processing area for bunching .Quality controllers check on the quality of graded flowers before approving the next process of either sleeving or taking to final cold room..After sleeving, the flowers are taken to the final cold room where they are cooled to temperature of 2oc.They are then packed into boxes and shelved on the flower shelves awaiting transportation to the airport in Nairobi. The transportation is done using refrigerated truck to ensure cool chain is maintained.