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Our Environment

We at panda flowers realizes the importance of protection and conservation of our environment for the future generations and therefore it’s our policy that our production and expansion should have minimal disturbance to the eco-system. We have internalized sustainability principles in our production of roses. Some measures put in place include:

  1. Rain Water harvesting

Panda flowers has invested in a 38000 cubic meters dam which collects all water from the green house roof which is later used to irrigate the roses and other plants within our environment reducing our reliance to boreholes and also reducing the cost of pumping.

  1. Reducing our chemical application

Chemical application is done as a last result in our farm. Below measures are in place to cut on chemical application.

  • Company has adopted IPM (Integrated pest management)
  • We’ve employed scouts who are to raise a red flag as soon a problem is detected and a spot spray organized avoiding fully cover.
  • Biological control is encouraged.
  1. Wetland

We have invested in a wetland to help in cleaning of pack house waste water before discharging to natural waterway.

  1. Organic waste like plant material are composed and recycled back in the field.
  2. Plastic waste

We appointed a registered agent for disposal