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Naivasha Children’s shelter

We are proud to be associated with the Naivasha children’s shelter which was founded in the year 1999 to help contain the growing problem of street kids in Naivasha town. It originally started as a feeding, day-care and teaching program in the streets of Naivasha but currently the kids are hosted in a 10 acres piece of land with a bore hole for supply of water donated by Panda flowers. The shelter has over 50 kids between the ages of four to seventeen years.

The shelter management does not only rehabilitate the boys but also reunites them with their families.


Investing in our Human Resource 

The management of Panda flowers fully understands the importance of their human resource and have invested heavily in training and empowering them in the below areas

  • Every year the company fully sponsors five or six of the general workers for a trip in Holland to attend an internal exhibition which gives them rare exposure.
  • The company encourages the employees to take evening career courses by giving them first priority in management positions when positions arise.
  • Through Panda help group the employees are trained in computer skills, Tailoring and small business management which prepares them to be self-reliant even after leaving employment (Empowering them)
  • The company always gives all the employees bonuses in terms of end of year gifts. Most memorable being bicycles, Gas cookers, Pressure cookers Digital camera and many more.

Naivasha Women’s Health Care Centre (NWHCC)

Panda flowers is proud to be associated with the Naivasha women’s Health care centre. The new facility which opened in year 2013 delivers 500-600 babies per month with very low infant mortality.



Panda Self Help Group

Panda Self Help Group started in the year 2003 after the company was Fair trade Certified. The premium derived from selling fair trade roses have been used to do projects in and outside the farm. Notable projects include building classrooms for local schools and giving bursary to educate bright kids whose parents cannot afford secondary school fees.

Our vision is to continue improving living standards of Panda flowers employees and the surrounding community. 

Panda Self Help Projects